by Adam Armstrong

SwiftStack Releases Version 4.0

Today SwiftStack announced that it has released the latest version of its object storage software, SwiftStack Version 4.0. The latest version has “customer-driven capabilities” that will deliver scale and metadata search as well as plans for file native access and cloud synchronization. SwiftStack claims that these new features will help customers move from traditional file systems to more flexible, scalable cloud infrastructures in a more simple and accelerated fashion.

As previously stated, SwiftStack is object storage that gives enterprises simple solutions for deploying and managing a secure, private storage cloud and avoid hardware lock-in. Version 4.0 is all about scale. SwiftStack states that their latest version can dramatically increase operations at scale and provide analytics-ready search integration, "fulfilling object storage’s full potential." They go on to claim that with the latest version they can help private IT infrastructure to act more like public clouds in terms of consumption and simplicity.

Cloud adoption and usage is only going to increase going forward and SwiftStack plans an adapting with the cloud. Later this year they plan on introducing universal access to scale-out object storage as well as synchronization with any Amazon S3-based public cloud. SwiftStack is currently focused on developing integration scale-out file services alongside S3 and Swift-based object APIs, without the need for additional gateways.

New SwiftStack 4.0 innovations include:

  • Integrated load balancing reduces the need for expensive dedicated network hardware and minimizes latency and bandwidth costs while scaling to larger numbers of nodes
  • Metadata search increases business value by integrating with third-party indexing and search services to make stored object data analytics-ready
  • SwiftStack Drive is an optional desktop client that enables access to cluster data directly from desktops or laptops
  • Enhanced management with new IPv6 support, capacity planning and advanced data migration tools


SwiftStack 4.0 is available now


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