by Adam Armstrong

Syncplicity Releases A New App For iPhones

Syncplicity has released a new version of their app for iPhones, version 3.2.0. Syncplicity is EMC’S cloud-based file management and collaboration platform. The app gives users secure, full access to all of their files on their mobile devices.

The older versions of the app already gave users the ability to upload and share files from anywhere, create MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents, go back, with full access to every files previous version, all while having no file size limits. The latest version has hundreds of new features and enhancements, including “predictive insights” that know what user are going to do before they do them.

Key new features include:

  • Location-aware home screen
  • Quickly find folders shared by other users with a visual search
  • 3 dimensional tap-n-hold view allowing quick access to common actions
  • “Sheet-based” and “card-based” navigation paradigms to find content inside deep folder hierarchies
  • Visually geo-track secure shared links
  • Create and share audio and video files
  • Copy files to multiple folders with a single swipe.
  • Edit MS office documents
  • Annotate PDF files
  • Deliver PowerPoint presentation from your iPhone
  • Automatically send files to meeting attendees
  • Receive notification for the most active folders in your account and for when user have not downloaded a shared link


The new app is available now and can be downloaded for free.

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