by Adam Armstrong

Synology 2020 NYC Sees Several Announcements

At its annual event at TheTimesCenter in New York City, Synology Inc. held its gathering to showcase its technologies. The company is celebrating its past 20 years of innovations this go around looking back at how it evolved along the way. And there were a few announcements made as well. 

Synology started nearly 20 years ago with its core mission being to provide data management and security tools for an ever-evolving technology landscape. That company feels confident that it has stuck to this mission over the years while evolving along the way with an industry that is almost always in flux. Synology went on to prove this point by showcasing its next generation files server technology and a demonstration of its license-free protection suite Active Backup. The company spoke about its public cloud service, C2, and its hybrid cloud model for data management and Synology’s cloud data protection service, C2 Backup.

For new announcements, the company spoke about Hybrid Share, an application that enables a hybrid storage solution for scenarios where data is synced across multiple locations. Hybrid share would put a bulk of the data in C2 and allow user to cache necessary files in local servers for faster access and expanded capacity. The company stated the DSM, one of the most popular NAS OS out there, would see a major update to 7.0. Along with this update, a new monitoring tool called Active Insight would come out with it. Active Insight is stated to monitor all NAS resources and performance status through the centralized, online portal.

From the hardware side of things, Synology is introducing a new active-active dual controller model for non-disruptive iSCSI services in the UC3200. Another all-flash NAS in the FS6400 that boasts a throughput of 240K IOPS in random write. And the company announced a database and backup device that offers petabyte-scale storage with the SA3400. 


SA3400, FS6400 are available now. UC3200 is expected to be available in late 2019. DSM 7.0, Hybrid Share, and Active Insight are all expected to be available in 2020.


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