by Mark Kidd

Synology 2U RackStation RS2414+ and RS2414RP+ Now Available

Synology is now shipping two additions to its lineup of SMB storage devices, the RS2414+ and RS2414RP+, each featuring 12 drive bays. Used in conjunction with matched Synology RackExpansion RX1214 and RX1214RP units, each of Synology’s new 2U NAS units can manage up to 24 drives and 96TB of total storage. The new RackStations share many of their specifications with the Synology’s DiskStation SD1813+ NAS albeit with more processor power and SATA III connectivity to better leverage SSD performance.

Synology Rackstation RS2414+ and RS2414RP+ Overview

  • 2.13 Ghz Dual Core processor
  • 2GB of RAM, upgradeable to 4GB
  • Gigabit NICs
  • ADS and LDAP support for 100,000 users and groups (without CALs)
  • Compliant with VMware, Citrix Xen, and Microsoft Hyper-V
  • SSD read caching and TRIM support
  • ACLs for granular file-level NTFS-style permissions
  • iSCSI support
  • LUN backup, cloning, and snapshot software at no additional cost
  • Granular notification settings
  • Cloud Station for synching files between multiple devices

Both devices list for under $2,000 without drives, a price point in line with Synology’s established small business customer base that is already familiar with the functionality and administration of the company’s DiskStation Manager 4.3 operating system which powers both units. The RS2414+ and RS2414RP+ incorporate hardware features to improve reliability. The Quad network interfaces can be configured for network redundancy, the CPU uses passive cooling, and the system cooling fans offer adaptive behavior during fan failures. The RS2414RP+ includes redundant power supplies, and Synology High Availability allows users to create an active-passive cluster arrangement with either of the new devices.

Pricing and Availability

Synology’s RackStation RS2414+ and RS2414RP+ are now shipping globally, priced respectively at $1899.99 and $2499.99. The RX1214 and RS1214RP RackExpansion units will be available in the United States in the coming weeks at $1699.99 and $2399.99, respectively.

RS2414+ and RS2414RP+ Product Information

RX1214 and RX1214RP Product Information

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