by Adam Armstrong

Synology Announces Surveillance Station 7.0

Today Synology America announced the launch of Surveillance Station 7.0, the latest version of its awarding winning NVR solution. Surveillance Station was designed to turn any DiskStation or RackStation into a network video recorder. Surveillance Station 7.0 has a redesigned user interface, integration for other connected devices, expanded support for specialized cameras, and ONVIF 2.4 compliance.

New benefits and features include:

  • Redesigned user interface – the new user interface is all about ease-of-use with options like the new Alert Panel for Live View Analytics allowing users to play back and save certain events. The new interface also enables multitasking and customizable organization.
  • Task automation – the latest version allows for a broader range of automated tasks, such as: a nearby camera can take snapshot when a connected door is opened.
  • Centralized physical access control and video surveillance in a single pane – allowing surveillance personnel monitor cameras and control other connected devices such as door locks, and access logs of connected device all in a single pane.
  • Greater support for specialized cameras and ONVIF 2.4 compliance – the latest update comes with integration into specialized cameras such as those with motion tracking or two-way audio. Surveillance Station now supports ONVIF 2.4 users can have a more flexible installation taking advantage of boosted intoperability.
  • Integration with other connected devices – with support for digital output, users can now control other connected devices such as alarms and magnetic locks.


Synology Surveillance Station 7.0 is available now for free in the Synology Package Center. The latest version comes with two camera licenses at no extra cost.

Surveillance Station product page

Synology Hub

Update: Our review of Surveillance Station 7.0

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