by Lyle Smith

Synology Moments, Drive, and Office Software Packages Now Available

Synology has announced the official release of Drive, Office, and Moments--three significant packages that run on the company’s line NAS products. These new applications give users the ability to securely and privately store, back up, and synchronize their files.

Moments is a brand-new application from Synology that allows users to easily back up photos from their computer or smartphone to a NAS. This application features deep learning and automatic organization tools, which identify people, places, and objects in photos while sorting them media into their respective albums.  

Synology notes the following features of Moments:

  • By-topic organization: With a new deep learning algorithm on Synology NAS, random photos will be automatically grouped together according to similar facial structures, subjects, and locations.
  • Easily share and search photos: Simply type in keywords into the search bar, and relevant images will appear immediately; such as mountains, ramen, or sushi.
  • Easy backup from mobile devices: Backup photos daily by uploading them from iOS or Android device with the Moments mobile app.

Designed to simplify data management on Synology NAS devices, Drive is a total overhaul of Synology’s file syncing Cloud Station Suite. Users can sync their data across multiple devices and create a seamless office collaboration experience with their colleagues.

Drive features include:

  • My Drive for personal storage: This allows users to centrally manage all their files and set different permission for each file if necessary.
  • Team Folder for team collaboration: These are shared folders created by the administrators, allowing teams to work together on different documents and keep them neatly organized within the shared folder.
  • Desktop Client for local synchronization: The desktop client is supported on Windows, MacOS, and Linux, allowing users to conveniently sync files from all folders, including folders shared with them, to their PC’s and laptops.
  • Integration with Office and Universal Search: Drive is now a central hub for Office, making team collaboration and building collaborative documents easy and organized. Additionally, finding files is effortless with universal search. 

Office is Synology’s intuitive browser-based collaborative editor. This application enables users to create, share, and simultaneously work on documents, spreadsheets, and slides. Users will be able to have an useful online file editing and real-time collaboration tool while keeping all data onsite.


These new Synology NAS applications are now available worldwide.

Synology Moments

Synology Drive

Synology Office

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