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Synology Releases DiskStation Manager 5.2

Today Synology Inc. announced an updated to its award winning operating system for its DiskStation and RackStation NAS devices, DiskStation Manager (DSM) 5.2. Synology first announced the beta for DSM 5.2 back in March. The updated OS offers new benefits and features for business such as backups, restoration, cloud technology, security, and caching. And the updated OS offers improvements on the multimedia side including better streaming and streaming to more devices.

The new OS has a slew of new benefits for business. DSM 5.2 has added Docker enabling developers and administrators to simply create, deploy, and run virtualized applications on Synology NAS. Smart Recycling, Single File Versioning, and iSCSI LUN snapshots have been added to ease backing up files, restoring data, and optimize storage through the deletion of redundant file versions.

Synology has also updated Cloud Sync with new features that add to its security. Cloud Sync offers one-way syncing, which prevents unauthorized file updates and data can be encrypted before it is transferred to the cloud. Cloud Station has been updated with single file restore from a previous version without logging into a Synology server and the ability to share files from a work station without logging into the DiskStation Manager.

The new DSM also supports SMB 3 encryption, SSD caching (using 90% less memory than DSM 5.1), and updates to Note Station and DS Note enabling easier creation of to-do lists and providing better organizational tools and better project management.

For multimedia enthusiasts and home users, DSM 5.2 offers enhancements to its Audio Station and DS audio. Synology states that users will have better sound quality and easier navigation through playlists. DSM 5.2 is enhancing DS Photo+ by adding support to Chromecast as well as DLNA-compatible devices (such as gaming consoles), enabling users to display slideshows of their photos on their television screens.


Synology DSM 5.2 is available today as a free download to all DiskStation, RackStation, or Embedded DataStation x10 series and onward users.

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