by Mark Kidd

Synology Releases DSM 5.0 Operating System

Synology today announced general availability of its DiskStation Manager (DSM) 5.0, the operating system that runs the company’s broad lineup of DiskStation and RackStation storage appliances. DSM 5.0 incorporates a new interface and updates to Synology’s Cloud Station that allow the management client to configure full or selective synchronization between multiple Synology storage devices. The new Central Management System can also aggregate and manage multiple Disk or RackStations from a single interface across petabyte-scale DSM clusters.

DiskStation Manager is a key component in Synology’s paradigm for storage appliances, and a major new version is a reflection of the company’s strategies for the next product release cycle. In addition to the addition of the Central Management System which coordinates multiple DSM systems, DSM 5.0 adds SSD read-write caching and enhancements to iSCSI performance along with memory optimizations for applications within DSM.

DSM’s new user interface features a high-resolution mode when viewed with supported Ultra HD or Retina display devices. DSM 5.0 Cloud Sync mirrors local files to Dropbox, Google Drive, and Baidu Cloud. Snapshot Manager, a new plug-in for VMware vSphere and Windows, provides application-consistent snapshots and block-level incremental backup is available for other recovery purposes.


Synology DSM 5.0 is free for users with supported devices from the DiskStation and RackStation x10 series and higher.

Synology DiskStation Manager 5.0 download

Synology DiskStation Manager 5.0 live demo

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