by Lyle Smith

Synology to Showcase DiskStation Manager 5.0 at CES 2014

Synology America Corp will be previewing the next DiskStation Manager operating system, DSM 5.0, at this January's International CES 2014. This showing will give consumers a detailed look at DSM’s new streamlined interface and will also provide an opportunity to demonstrate several new and enhanced features. This will be one of the most significant updates to the DiskStation Manager in several years.

QuickConnect is now central to the installation process as well as being easier than ever to configure. Simply create, or import, a QuickConnect ID and password. When a volume is created, it can be immediately accessed remotely through a browser and across all iOS, Android, and Windows Phone apps. No complicated router configuration is required.

Synology’s Cloud Station is a real-time, private cloud storage and cross-device synchronization without having to pay recurring fees. While DSM 4.3 Cloud Station gave users the ability to sync specific files, file-types, and folders, DSM 5.0 beta will allow users to sync between multiple Disks and RackStations, making it possible to keep data at work and at home current with one Cloud Station account.

Package Center has always been the most important feature of a Synology platform. DSM 5.0 now has optional automated updates, making package management a seamless process. Additionally, application icons can also render application badges, which augment icons with informative push notifications when activities have been completed or when apps need special attention.

Additional features include:

  • Hybrid Cloud Syncing, with Google Drive and Dropbox
  • Facebook & Google+ sharing of files and folders
  • YouTube uploading straight from PhotoStation
  • Customizable status widgets
  • 4K capable interface with touch input, for the next generation in display technology

Notable Business Features:

  • Scale out Storage Cluster enabling businesses to expand from TBs to PBs
  • Central Management System with unified monitoring, remote administration, and policy based configuration
  • Robust data protection including snapshot manager and more

Joining Synology at CES are Egnyte and ioSafe. Egnyte and Synology are combining their solutions to provide an enterprise-grade file-sharing integration package. Additionally, ioSafe will be introducing a new higher capacity fireproof/waterproof storage solution, which is based on the Synology DSM platform.


The DSM 5.0 public beta will be going forward sometime during the next few weeks.

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