by Charles Jefferies

TDK Developing 2.5TB 3.5" HDDs, 640GB Per Platter

TDK to Intro 2.5TB 3.5" HDDs, 640GB Per Platter

TDK is reportedly developing 3.5-inch hard drive platters with a capacity of 640GB each; current platters of the same size top off at 500GB. With 640GB platters, a four-platter 2.5TB hard drive is possible as well as a five-platter 3.0TB drive. The 640GB platters could come out as early as next month.
Additionally, 2.5-inch hard drive platters are expected to increase to 375GB per platter up from the current 320GB. Notebook hard drive manufacturers will be able to create 750GB 2.5-inch drives using two 375GB platters (currently the highest capacity is 640GB via two 320GB platters). The 375GB 2.5-inch platters are expected to appear by October.

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