by Adam Armstrong

Tegile Launches All-NVMe N-Series Of Storage

Today Tegile Systems announced that it had launched its new all-NVMe storage, the IntelliFlash N-Series. Tegile is calling its N-Series, the first unified All-NVMe array on the market that delivers full enterprise functionality, including robust data management capabilities. Leveraging the performance of NVMe, these new arrays should be able to exponentially accelerate enterprise applications by incorporating the latest generation of solid-state media with NVMe technology into Tegile’s portfolio of IntelliFlash storage systems.

NVMe is rapidly being leveraged due to the performance enhancements that come with its use as well as the drop in latency that is also seen with it. By 2020 the NVMe market is expected to be valued at over $57 billion. As long as business are looking for an increase in speed or new applications that demand it, they will gravitate toward the technologies that promise this performance.

Tegile’s new N-Series promises to deliver new levels of performance as well as greater density along with a full breadth of data management services. The N-Series are dual-controller arrays with 24 NVMe SSDs in a 2U footprint. From a performance perspective, the N-Series is quoted at hitting up to 3 million IOPS with consistent 200μs latency. This performance will help speed enterprise applications tenfold for businesses while consolidating their transaction processing, analytics, databases, virtualization, and file services onto a single platform.


The Tegile IntelliFlash N-series is generally available now.

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