by Adam Armstrong

Tegile Releases Its Latest IntelliFlash HD

Today Tegile Systems released the latest version of its flagship IntelliFlash HD multi-tiered flash storage platform. This new version enables customers to take advantage of NVMe technology without the risk or resources that are typically associated with it. According to Tegile, the new IntelliFlash HD contains the highest density flash available on the market, provides full encryption, and can store 30% more petabytes of data for any application use case and every workload, at a fraction of the normal cost.

Data is growing fast mainly in the form of unstructured data (this data is being generated by things such as big data, mobile, and IoT). Organizations need a way to store both structured and unstructured data while delivering performance that customers expect. To top it all off, this needs to be done without a cost or footprint hike. IntelliFlash HD aims to be the ideal storage platform to address the above issues. IntelliFlash is stated to accelerate business applications, eliminate storage silos, and pursue data center consolidation. The latest version of Tegile’s operating system, IntelliFlash OS 3.7, IntelliFlash HD is able to deliver “unparalleled price:performance at massive scale.”

Features and benefits include:

  • IO prioritization for predictable performance to disparate applications with varying workload profiles across multiple tiers of non-volatile storage media in a massively consolidated environment
  • Data access virtualization for rapid mobility of datasets between storage pools
  • Network virtualization for transparent active:active storage IO to volumes or filesystems, improving data resiliency
  • Rapid object cloning for large scale virtualized and container deployments
  • High Capacity Density: With up to 500TB of storage capacity in a single rack unit, IntelliFlash HD offers 2.5x more capacity, and 30% more density than its predecessor.
  • Faster Performance: With 3X performance for write-oriented, small block workloads,
  • Data Reduction Efficiency at Scale


Tegile’s IntelliFlash HD series is available now.

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