by Adam Armstrong

Teradici Launches All Access Plans For Cloud Computing

Today Teradici launched four new All Access subscription plans. These end-to-end cloud-ready PCoIP solutions include software, support, resources, and cloud-ready options to help customers manage, optimize and futureproof their deployments and prepare for the next wave of cloud computing. Teradici is also announcing new professional services for cloud deployments.

More and more, enterprises are moving applications to the cloud, or starting and staying on the cloud. According to IDG, over 70% of organizations host at least one application in the cloud. To get the most out of digital workspace, organizations and their customer need to be cloud-ready. Teradici intends to address this need through its new All Access subscription plans.

All Access allows users to choose their cloud provider, such as Amazon, Google, Microsoft and VMware, to host their applications and workloads while accessing them from any endpoint via the PCoIP protocol. All Access can also be used to securely deliver remote VFX workflows, virtual CAD workstations, healthcare VDI, centralized training centers, Linux development environments in the cloud and other great remote user experiences.

Details on the All Access subscription plans are as follows:

  • Desktop Access is designed for VMware Horizon or Amazon WorkSpaces environments and includes software, resources and support from the Teradici team to manage, optimize and future-proof your zero client deployment. Desktop Access features include 24 x 7 support, PCoIP Management Console Enterprise, zero client firmware and security updates, as well as three Cloud Access Software licenses to use for exploring your cloud migration options.
  • Cloud Access and Cloud Access Plus includes Teradici Cloud Access Software licenses with the latest PCoIP protocol optimizations for Windows or Linux with options to support standard or graphics-intensive workloads. This bundle also includes the Desktop Access benefits including Management Console Enterprise and zero client firmware updates. Cloud Access Plus is designed for high-performance workloads that require a GPU or other advanced capabilities.
  • Workstation Access is designed for Remote Workstation Card users. This plan is similar to Desktop Access, with the addition of Remote Workstation Card firmware, support and security updates. Workstation Access also includes three Cloud Access Software Graphics licenses to use for exploring your cloud migration options.

On top of the new All Access subscription plans, Teradici is also announcing professional services offered à la carte. These services center around assisting companies with optimizing their environments, developing proof of concepts for private or public cloud deployments or accessing the Teradici team for custom integration services. These include:

  • Cloud Access Proof of Concept
  • All Access Health Check
  • All Access Integration Services

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