by Adam Armstrong

Teradici Launches Its New Line of Alta PCoIP Zero Clients

Today Teradici announced the new expansion of the PCoIP Zero Client family with Alta PCoIP Zero Clients. The new Zero Clients build off of the success of Teradici’s Tera2 PCoIP Zero Clients (with over 3 million deployed globally). Ideally suited for virtual and cloud environments, the new Alta PCoIP Zero Clients include wireless form factors.

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in British Columbia, Teradici is best known for its PCoIP technology. PCoIP technology is now relied upon by some of the world's largest cloud computing companies. Teradici has several Fortune 500 customers and also has several customers in both local and federal government agencies.

According to Teradici, Alta PCoIP Zero Clients are hardware-based endpoints that use a highly integrated, purpose-built processor to perform image decompression and decoding for secure virtual desktops, workspaces, and applications. To create this latest generation of Zero Client, Teradici partnered with an emerging leader in advanced system-on-chip (SoC) technology, Socionext. Through the partnership, the new Alta PCoIP Zero Clients is a combination of Socionext’s PXiV processor with Teradici’s PCoIP hardware decoder. Like all PCoIP Zero Clients, the new addition announced today can seamlessly connect to cloud solutions such as Teradici Cloud Access Software, PCoIP Remote Workstation solutions, VMware Horizon View, and Amazon WorkSpaces.

Features include:

  • Wireless support: Built-in Wi-Fi enables mobile connectivity while preserving the ultra-secure and high performance capabilities of PCoIP Zero Clients. Remote branch staff, wireless hospital carts, hospital campus environments or secure ruggedized mobile endpoints are just a few examples of where a wireless PCoIP Zero Client will improve workforce efficiency.
  • Broad connectivity: Supports the latest interfaces, including USB 3.0, DisplayPort, and HDMI.
  • Blazing fast decoding: The PCoIP hardware decoder in the new Socionext PXiV processor delivers performance of up to 250 megapixels per second
  • Dual 4K UHD display support: Supports the higher resolutions that are becoming more common in workstation use cases like media and entertainment in order to edit and playback 4K UHD content. Users in Financial Services and other industries can make use of larger monitor real estate, higher resolutions and frame rates to improve productivity.
  • Modern UI: Improves usability and workflow by introducing a completely new, more intuitive interface for users to navigate.


The Teradici Alta PCoIP Zero Clients are expected to be available in the first quarter of 2017.

Teradici Zero Clients

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