by Adam Armstrong

Tintri Adds New AFA And Hypervisor Support And Updates Its OS

Today Tintri Inc. made several announcements including a new entry-level all-flash array, the Tintri VMstore T5040, an update to their operating system, up to Tintri OS 4.1, and through the update comes support for the Citrix XenServer hypervisor. The new T5040 joins the VMstore T5000 All-Flash series and T800 Hybrid-Flash series giving customers even more flexibility. Along with these announcements, Tintri is also hosting a preview of Tintri Analytics with VM and application level predictive analytics capabilities on December 10.

The Tintri VMstore T5040 can store up to 5,000 VMs in a 2U form factor and up to 100,000 virtual machines, 1.4PB of data and 4 million IOPS in a single 40U rack. The VMstore T5000 All-Flash series the new AFA belongs to was designed for very large database farms and large persistent virtual desktops, which demand predictable, high throughput and sub-millisecond latency across their entire multi-terabyte capacity.

New capabilities with OS 4.1 include:

  • Support for Citrix XenServer, which joins a long list of supported hypervisors including VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization, and OpenStack. Tintri VMstore is the only VM-aware storage platform that supports concurrent hypervisors. This unique capability allows IT and cloud service providers to run multiple hypervisor workloads on the same datastore, eliminating the need to dedicate storage to different hypervisor workloads.
  • Support for VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes (VVols), enabling snapshots, clones, revert, visibility and statistics all at the VM level through VMware vCenter operations, and QoS from Tintri Global Center.
  • New Hyper-V enhancements including SyncVM File-level restore, WMI Path Encryption, snapshot enhancements, and PowerShell cmdLets.

Tintri has always provided real-time, actionable VM-level analytics through its UI. On December 10th they will be previewing their new Tintri Analytics with predictive analytics capabilities. Not only will customers be able to identify issues faster they will be able to act proactively preventing some issues from occurring. This new analytics will be based off of the same VM-level data the current analytics use.  


Both the Tintri VMstore T5040 and OS 4.1 are available immediately. OS 4.1 is a free upgrade to all customers with a current support contract. In order to use Citrix XenServer and VMware vSphere VVols user must have Tintri OS 4.1 or higher.

Tintri VMstore T5000 All-Flash

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