by Adam Armstrong

Tintri Announces Its Cloud Service Provider Solution

Today Tintri Inc. launched its Tintri Cloud Service Provider Solution. This new solution gives cloud service providers (CSPs) an easy way to grow their service using Tintri. Tintri goes on to claim that CSPs using Tintri can guarantee high performance, transparent VM-level analytics, and differentiated services.

The Tintri Cloud Service Provider Solution is designed to address the needs of CSPs. These main needs are reliable, scalable and high-performance storage to power their cloud infrastructures; offering differentiated services to stand out in a competitive marketplace; and acquiring the right enabling solutions with flexible terms that allow them to grow at their own pace. The Tintri Cloud Service Provider Solution works with Tintri’s entire portfolio of storage systems and software. This includes Tintri’s VMstore T5000 All-Flash series, VMstore T800 Hybrid-Flash Series, and Tintri Global Center.

The benefits of the Tintri Cloud Service Provider Solution include:

  • Multiple tiers of storage performance on the same array defined by VM-level quality of service (QoS) policies
  • End-to-end infrastructure visibility at the VM level to allow granular chargeback for storage resources and actionable troubleshooting capabilities
  • Real-time and predictive analytics for capacity planning and upsell opportunities
  • The lowest cost per VM in the industry, through high VM density with high capacity utilization, industry-leading operational efficiencies and zero over-provisioning—with no storage PhD required to maintain storage performance
  • The best storage for multi-tenant virtualized environments, including increased margins, low TCO and per-VM isolation to eliminate noisy neighbors 
  • Storage that scales with simple and powerful automation for every storage operation and every storage metric to power explosive business growth
  • VMstore storage integrates with multiple concurrent hypervisors, including VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer and OpenStack


The Tintri Cloud Service Provider Solution is available now and is offered with a pay-as-you-grow financing option.

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