by Adam Armstrong

Tintri Releases PowerShell Toolkit 2.0 In Tech Preview

Tintri announced that it has released the latest version of PowerShell Toolkit, version 2.0, in its Tech Preview (similar to a beta). The latest version of PowerShell Toolkit is now using API features in the API v310.21 release available in Tintri OS 3.2 and TGC 2.0. The latest version has features that will allows users to automate their VMstores and TGCs. Tintri is encouraging user feedback.

Tintri makes application-aware storage, storage that sees, learns and adapts. Tintri storage is smart and takes care of the storage side so IT resources can be used on the application side. As Tintri points out, “applications drive business and infrastructure exists to support the apps.” Tintri also strives to make every step of its storage to be simple.

New features include:

  • TGC Service Groups – new cmdlets make available creating and editing service groups, viewing all VMs and VM policies in service groups, and applying protection/replication policies to a service group
  • Hyper-V VM Cloning – VM cloning now works with Hyper-V VMs
  • High Frequency Snapshots – snapshots can be enable with the EveryMinute option
  • Deleting Snapshot Schedules – snapshots schedules can easily be removed or cleared
  • Setting QoS policies per VM – parameters such as minimum and maximum normalized IOPS can now be set per VM.
  • SSO authentication with VMstore – passwords no longer have to be embedded in scripts or prompted for
  • SyncVM - sync a VM to one of its previous snapshots and sync selected vDisks to one or more VMs from a different VM snapshot


PowerShell Toolkit 2.0 is available for download now.

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