by Adam Armstrong

Tintri releases TGC 4.0

Tintri by DDN launched the latest version of its Tintri Global Center, TGC 4.0. According to the company, this marks a major step forward towards creating a centrally managed and fully autonomous storage environment. This is also the first major release by Tintri since DDN’s acquisition.

TGC is the centerpiece of Tintri’s management framework. Version 4.0 is said to enhance VM and VMstore visibility, analytics and diagnostics across a multi-VMstore environment. Users will now be able to take global actions across a pool of arrays and will be able to place VMs better due to improved algorithms. These capabilities come from the deep integration between Tintri and the hypervisor. 

The latest TGC enables metrics to be tracked at a granular level, allowing for better management of performance and VM placement. Not only will this give users a performance bump, they will reduce time and resources that were normally spent on operations associated with VM management. Current customers will be able to optimize their data and VMs without impact and be on their way to a fully autonomous storage environment. 


Tintri TGC 4.0 is now available to Tintri by DDN customers.

Tintri by DDN

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