by Lyle Smith

Toshiba Adds New Capacities To N300 NAS & X300 HDD Series

Toshiba has unveiled new 12TB and 14TB models to both its N300 NAS and X300 HDD series. These drives sport a 3.5-inch mechanical form factor using laser welding technology, while their helium-sealed case is designed to keep the helium securely inside the enclosure. Both models also operate at 7,200rpm, feature an ultra-high 256MB data buffer, and use Toshiba’s advanced Stable Platter Technology to minimize vibrations. The latter technology stabilizes the motor shaft at both ends for improved tracking accuracy and maximum performance during read and write operations. 

The N300 NAS models include rotational vibration sensors and are quoted with sustained data transfer speeds up to 260MB/s for the 14TB drive and up to 253MB/s for the 12TB version. The N300 model supports up to 8HDD multi-RAID systems and are described as "highly scalable" for user NAS configurations.

Moreover, the N300 series is built for high-performance applications in personal, home office and small business NAS environments. This includes scalable RAID systems. Backed by a 3-year warranty, the new Toshiba drive is also optimized for performance, reliability and endurance, as NAS use cases require 24/7 drive operation. 

Toshiba states that the X300 Performance Hard Drive series is meant for "extreme performance" and "robust capacity" for creative and professional environments such as graphic design, animation, photo and video editing and PC gaming.


General availability of the 12TB and 14TB models is slated for some time later this month.

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