by Adam Armstrong

Toshiba Announces 16TB MG08 Series HDDs

Today Toshiba America Electronic Components, Inc. announced what it is calling the largest Conventional Magnetic Recording (CMR) HDD, the MG08 Series. The new HDD series comes in a whopping 16TB, 33% more capacity than the more commonly used 12TB and 14% more capacity than the prior 14TB models. The new MG08 Series leverages CMR meaning that it can be dropped in as a higher capacity replacement for lower capacity drives in several systems. 

Capacity needs are only going up. SSDs are getting larger and larger but at a steep costs that is not always needed for several applications. Companies need bigger drives that they can drop in their existing equipment. Here, Toshiba answers the call with the 16TB MG08 HDDs. Being CMR they will work with most applications. The new drive series comes with improved power efficiencies and its large capacity in the same 3.5” footprint helps to lower TCO. The drives are designed for applications such as data-protection, big data aggregation, content serving and digital archiving.

The new MG08 drives leverage the company’s second-generation helium-sealed technology. Building off of the 9-disk helium technology of last year’s 14TB models, the MG08 are Toshiba’s eighth-generation Enterprise Capacity HDD family. As with the 14TB models, the 16TB model use precision laser welding process to ensure the helium remains sealed inside the drive case. Form a specifications perspective, the MG08 features 7,200rpm performance, a 550TB per year workload rating, a 2.5 million-hour MTTF, a 512Mib cache buffer, and a choice of SATA and SAS interfaces—all in an industry-standard, 3.5-inch form factor.


The 16TB MG08 Series HDDs will begin being sampled by select customers at the end of this month. 

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