by Lyle Smith

Toshiba Announces 3TB 2.5-Inch HDD

Toshiba has announced a new 3TB 2.5-inch hard disk drive (MQ03ABB300) and the industry’s largest capacity for that specific form factor. The drive leverages perpendicular magnetic recording (PMR) technology and is the first 2.5-inch HDD to achieve 750GB per platter, using a total of 4 platters to achieve storage of 3TB. The MQ03ABB300 is designed for external personal storage devices and space-constrained use cases that require high storage capacity.


In addition, Toshiba’s new drive offers the top-in-class energy consumption with both lower power usage and 50 percent larger capacity compared to Toshiba’s previous generation 4-platter 2TB, the MQ01ABB200. The power efficient architecture makes it an ideal solution for USB connected external personal storage applications. The MQ03ABB300 is also designed for single and multi-drive HDD home and SMB storage enclosures due to its significant capacity. 


Sample shipments are slated to ship sometime in May.

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