by Lyle Smith

Toshiba Announces the MG04 Series of 5TB 3.5-Inch Enterprise HDDs

Toshiba has announced the next generation of high-capacity 3.5-inch form factor enterprise HDDs, the MG04 series. The MG04 series is engineered for midline and nearline business critical workloads and is the industry’s first enterprise capacity category models that support industry standard 4K Advanced Format sector technologies. It also supports persistent write cache technology, which improves both performance and reliability. Additionally, the series is specifically designed for the high-capacity demands of mid-tier servers and cloud application workloads as well as for capacity-optimized data center storage systems that benefit from high capacity per spindle.

Both the SAS MG04SCA and SATA MG04ACA models are equipped with a 6Gb/s interface and are available in capacities of up to 5TB. The MG04 series deliver high application performance at 7,200RPM, while the high capacity per spindle saves rack space and reduces the footprint and operational burden of business critical servers and storage systems. The series provides optional persistent write cache technologies that help protect against data-loss in the event of sudden power loss as well as helping to improve performance and data reliability.  Models supporting sanitize instant erase (SIE) options are also available.

Key features:

  • Up to 5TB capacity 7,200 RPM performance
  • SAS or SATA interface
  • Toshiba’s persistent write cache technology for optimum performance and data reliability (option)
  • Business critical performance, workload rating and data reliability

Customer samples of the MG04 series will ship in February 2014. 

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