by Charles Jefferies

Toshiba Encourages Enterprises to Move to 2.5" Drives

Toshiba has announced a product designed to encourage enterprises to move to smaller 2.5-inch form factor hard drives. The MBF2xxLRC is a 2.5-inch enterprise HDD mounted in a 3.5-inch bracket, allowing the drive to be used in legacy systems.

Toshiba says customer demand has increased for 2.5-inch drives versus 3.5-inch since they are more stable, reliable, and have reduced power consumption. Compared to 3.5-inch drives, 2.5-inch drives have 70% less power consumption at idle and about one-half the active power.

The MBF2xxLRC is available in 300GB, 450GB, and 600GB capacities. The drives have a 10,025RPM spindle speed and a 6Gb/s SAS interface. It will ship to OEMs in July.

This announcement effectively ends Toshiba's participation in the 3.5" hard drive space, outside of a legacy product carried over from the Fujitsu acquisition. 

Toshiba Storage Website

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