by Brian Beeler

Toshiba MQ01ABD 1TB 9.5mm Notebook Hard Drive Released

Toshiba is getting into the mainstream 1TB notebook hard drive game with the MQ01ABD which features two 500GB platters with 744GB/in areal density in a standard 9.5mm drive height. 

Toshiba offers the MQ01ABD series in capacities from 250GB to 1TB and promises overall performance enhancements thanks to the higher platter density. Toshiba is also touting energy efficiency, the new drives consume .55 watts during idle. 

Mass production of the MQ01ABD series will start in the middle of August; which puts Toshiba significantly behind the curve. Samsung is already shipping their M8 1TB notebook drive and WD just started delivering their 9.5mm 1TB Scorpio Blue. Retail buyers likely won't notice though, as nearly all Toshiba hard drives are sold through the OEM channel.

Toshiba MQ01ABD100 Specs

  • Capacity: 1TB, 750GB, 500GB, 320GB, 250GB
  • Number of platters: 2 (1TB, 750GB) 1 (320GB, 250GB)
  • Areal density (max) 744.1Gb/in
  • Media transfer rate (max) 1288.6Mbps
  • Average seek time 12 ms
  • Rotational speed 5400 RPM
  • Buffer memory 8 MB
  • SATA 3Gb/s

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