by Adam Armstrong

Toshiba's Storage Node Software Obtains Industry-First NVMe-oF Certification

Toshiba Memory America (TMA) Inc. announced that its storage node software was the first to be certified by the University of New Hampshire Interoperability Lab (UNH-IOL). The software is billed as enabling low latency networked flash storage for cloud architectures. The software was thoroughly tested during NVMe Plugfest with RoCE NIC in the storage node. This marked the first Plugfest to test NVMe-oF (NVM Express over Fabrics) components, including NVMe-oF software.

Over the past few years we’ve witnessed storage evolve and its performance radically improve. The latest evolution, but not the final, is NVMe, an interface that unlocks higher performance and low latency. This latest evolution also takes away storage as a bottleneck (at least for now) as it delivers higher performance, lower latency, as well as better density. As more enterprises move away form DAS and into cloud workloads, they will need the higher performance and lower latency that NVMe offers.

NVMe-oF is a network protocol enabling faster access between hosts and storage technologies. This protocol allows infrastructures to fully leverage the capacity and performance of NVMe SSDs. The certification of its NVMe-oF by UNH-IOL is Toshiba's first step in making NVMe-oF truly deployable in cloud data centers.

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