by Marshall Gunnell

Toshiba & Western Digital Celebrate The Opening Of FAB 6 & Memory R&D Center In Yokkaichi, Japan

Toshiba Memory Corporation and Western Digital recently celebrated the opening of Fab 6, their new semiconductor fabrication facility, and the Memory R&D Center, located at Yokkaichi operations in Mie Prefecture, Japan.

Construction of the dedicated 3D flash memory fabrication facility began in February 2017 and has since been furnished with the latest cutting-edge manufacturing equipment deposition, etching, and other key production processes. Production of 96-layer 3D flash memory utilizing the new fab began earlier this month. Further investments for production expansion will be made in line with market trends.

Yokkaichi: Fab 6

Located adjacent to Fab 6, the Memory R&D Center began its operations in March of this year and plans to explore and promote advancements of 3D flash memory development.

Yokkaichi: Memory R&D Center

Toshiba Memory and Western Digital plan to remain at the forefront of memory technology by actively developing initiatives to strengthen competitiveness, advancing joint development of 3D flash memory, and making capital investments according to market trends.

Toshiba Memory Corporation

Western Digital

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