by Brian Beeler

Toshiba Working on 2.5" Hybrid Hard Drive [CES 2011]

In a stop by the Toshiba booth today at CES, we were told by a company rep that Toshiba is on it's way to releasing a hybrid drive some time this year. While our press contacts aren't ready to confirm or deny any of this, the rep at the booth did say it's a 1TB hybrid hard drive with on-board NAND to cache repetitive file requests similar to the way the Seagate Momentus XT works.

The drive will be a 2.5" form factor and designed largely for the enthusiast market. They also let slip that the cache is probably 4GB, the same as the Momentus XT. We'll see if we can dig up any more details on the Toshiba hybrid drive while we're at CES.

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