by Mark Kidd

TwinStrata Publishes “A Snapshot into Cloud Storage Adoption” from 2012 Cloud Computing Expo

In June, TwinStrata conducted a survey at the 2012 Cloud Computing Expo in New York to gauge the state of cloud storage among the represented organizations. The area of greatest cloud computing growth reported in the survey is cloud storage, with 46% of respondents indicating future plans to use cloud storage. Five out of six respondents indicated that they were either already using or plan to use cloud storage in some capacity.

The report is based on 101 responses from attendees, a sample which TwinStrata notes is biased towards organizations favorably disposed toward cloud computing. 73% of respondents have implemented some form of cloud computing already, with more than a quarter (28%) having done so for three or more years. The greatest adoption of cloud computing is coming from small organizations (between 51-250 employees) and large enterprises (more than 5000 employees). TwinStrata is itself an enterprise-class data storage vendor.

More than half (51%) of respondents indicated that scalability and the need to manage growing storage needs represented the greatest value that cloud storage could provide. Storage provisioning is a driving factor for the growth in cloud storage, as nearly 57% percent of respondents agreed or strongly agreed with the statement, “It seems like we are always running out of storage.”

When asked about the biggest objection to cloud storage, 42% of respondents indicated concerns about security and loss of control. Other objections included cost/uncertainty about cost (24%), performance speed/reliability/uptime (24%) and regulatory compliance concerns (22%).

Full Survey from TwinStrata

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