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Unisys ClearPath Dorado 8300 Series Announced

Unisys has announced the new high-end ClearPath Dorado 8300 Series of systems, which are touted by the company as the most powerful members of the Dorado line. These new systems offer clients with expanded options for creating cost-efficient, open, highly available and secure environments for mission-critical applications.

With its use of Intel Xeon processor technology, the new ClearPath Dorado 8300 systems surpass the performance of the previous CMOS-based Dorado 800 Series, all the while delivering up to four times the performance in I/O and networking operations including large file transfers. In addition, the 8300 Series is quoted to boast roughly 50 percent more single image compute performance than the Dorado 6300 Series, which were previously the most powerful Intel-based models in the line.

The ClearPath 8300 Series leverages high-speed interconnect technology to link all computing resources and components. In addition, Unisys’ secure partitioning (s‑Par) software manages all application workloads on the system. Each partition is a software-defined blade with dedicated processing, memory and I/O resources for each workload, which removes resource contention and allows for fast, predictable application performance with exceptional security. Each of the new Dorado 8300 system runs the ClearPath OS 2200 operating environment, which is an integrated, fully tested stack of 110 software products that offer substantial security features. Integrated through the fabric architecture, each system includes a Forward! by Unisys platform for Linux and Windows workloads. Additionally, each Dorado 8300 can support up to 28 Forward! nodes with 30 partitions apiece, allowing 840 workloads to run simultaneously.

Unisys believes that the fabric infrastructure using software for processes, which are traditionally performed by hardware, will help to remove the data-transfer bottlenecks that slow down performance in a conventional networked system. In addition, it will offer more secure, predictable application performance by allowing direct communication among OS 2200, Linux and Windows applications in different parts of the fabric. The Dorado 8300 also includes specialty partitions to make it easier for modernizing the application environment, including the Clear Path ePortal for OS 2200, which enables development of multi-tier, web and mobile applications. In addition, Unisys indicates that the Clear Path OS 2200 QProcessor will provide transparent information exchange between systems in data-center and cloud environments through the widely used IBM MQ message queuing solution.

The new Dorado 8300 systems offers two options: Model 8380, where clients can choose a traditional performance-based system-software licensing model primarily based on fixed costs; and Model 8390, which provides a pay-for-use business model based on advanced Unisys metering technology. This allows clients to tap additional processing capacity all the while paying only for the resources used.

The Clear Path Dorado 8300 Series has built-in high-availability and resiliency capabilities via redundant components. In addition, it will have the ability to integrate with the Extended Processing Complex Locking (XPC-L) enterprise clustering solution, which provides database record locking innovation allowing up to six host systems running OS 2200 to access a shared database concurrently, even if it is down to the same record. It also synchronizes database access so that records are always accurately updated, helping to simplifying both day-to-day operations and disaster recovery.

Technical Specifications

  • Cabinet: 42U rack
  • Single Thread Processor MIPs: 610
  • Traditional business model: Dorado 8380 (500 – 6,200 MIPS) per OS 2200 Partition
  • Pay-for-Use business model: Dorado 8390 (200 – 4,300 MIPS/month with 6,200 MIPS Ceiling) per OS 2200 Partition
  • Quantity (2) Processor Memory Module (PMM) One Active, One Standby per partition:
    • Sockets / Processors / Chipset: (2) / (2) Intel® Xeon processor E5-2687 v3 3.10GHz / Intel C600 series
    • Memory: 512GB; (16) 32GB, Low Volt, Dual Rank x4, 2133MHz LRDIMMs (memory mirroring)
    • Internal storage: (8) 300GB 15K RPM 2. 5” SAS 6Gbps Hot-plug (note: no user internal storage)
    • User I/O ports: 20 Communication Ports (max) per partition
  • Quantity (2) I/O Storage Module (ISM) Two additional ISMs may be purchased per partition
    • Sockets / Processors / Chipset: (2) / (2) Intel® Xeon processor E5-2690 v2 3. 00GHz / Intel C600 series
    • Memory: 64GB; (4) 16GB, Low Volt, Dual Rank x4, 1600MHz RDIMMs (memory mirroring)
    • Internal storage: (6) 300GB, 15K RPM, 2. 5” SAS, 6Gbps Hot-plug (note: no user internal storage)
  • Common attributes
    • Form Factor: 2U
    • Internal interconnect: 2 x Intel QuickPath Interconnect (QPI) links; 8. 0 GT/s
    • RAID controller: Integrated RAID Controller, 512MB NV Cache, 6Gb/s, RAID 10
    • Ext Drive Bay(s): DVD+/-RW, SATA, Internal
    • Power: Dual, Hot-plug, Redundant Power Supply (1+1), 1100W
  • (2) Operations Servers (OPS):
    • Form Factor: 1U
    • Sockets / Processors / Chipset: (1) / (1) Intel® Xeon® processor E5-2407 v2, 2. 4GHz / Intel C600 series
    • Memory: 8GB; (2) 4GB, Low Volt, Single Rank x8, 1600MHz RDIMMs
    • Internal storage: (2) 300GB, 10K RPM, 2. 5” SAS, 6Gbps Hot-plug (note: no user internal storage)
    • RAID controller: RAID 1
    • Power: Dual Hot-plug Redundant Power Supply (1+1), 350W


The Dorado 8300 Series is slated for a May 29, 2015, release.

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