by Adam Armstrong

Unitrends 8.1 Release Available

Unitrends announced the availability of the latest version of the software that powers its physical backup Recovery-Series family as well as its virtual Unitrends Enterprise Backup, Release Version 8.1. This is the first update in six months. Unitrends states that this update will result in up to 50 times faster backup windows, a new Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) deployment option, and advanced support for VMware vSphere 6.

Release 8.1 achieves 50 times higher backup windows (and shorter recovery point objectives) with a new changed-block tracking feature for Microsoft Hyper-V environments. This feature tracks changes to VMs as they occur at the hypervisor level. Release 8.1 extends support to vSphere 6 adding protection both on the hypervisor level as well as protecting applications running within one or more VMs. This enables administrators to set different RPOs, RTOs, and SLAs both at the hypervisor level as well as granularly within VMs, and they can control the amount of data protected versus selecting the whole VM. UEB can now be directly deployed to RHEL, giving organizations greater scalability and includes direct attach for tape archiving.

Release 8.1 is the same software that powers Unitrends Free. As the name implies, Unitrends Free is a free virtual storage appliance that is aimed at home labs, early-stage virtualization projects, and small environments. This provides IT professionals a free method of protection for these smaller projects.

Additional features include:

  • Support for RHEL 7, Ubuntu 14 and Mac OS 10.10
  • Complete protection for Microsoft SQL Server AlwaysOn Failover Clusters, which delivers enhanced physical and deep virtual protection for local high availability
  • Support for NetApp Cluster Mode, which provides high-availability configurations for large environments
  • Advanced support for Oracle Automatic Storage Management, which ensures critical data is protected both on- and off-premise


Unitrends Release 8.1 is available now.

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