by Adam Armstrong

Unitrends Announces Release 8.0 Software

Unitrends announced the upcoming availability of Unitrends Release 8.0, the latest version of the software that powers the company’s Unified Data Protection physical and virtual backup and recovery appliances. With the release of 8.0, Unitrends has majorly upgraded its Unified Enterprise Backup (UEB) and its Recovery Series.

New enhancements with 8.0 include:

  • Physical protection for large-scale deployments – Release 8.0 further integrates and extends broad protection with EMC and NetApp NAS devices using file-level methods, providing larger enterprise customers with greater flexibility and simplified backup management. The new upgrade also introduces new support for Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) backups that will help organizations improve performance, scalability, and ease-of-use through tighter integration with vendors.
  • Through deep virtualization, Unitrends physical and virtual appliances can recovery Hyper-V VMs in minutes as well as leveraging Hyper-V for failover of physical Windows machines.
  • Using the Unitrends Bridge technology (allowing one-click physical to virtual transformation) users can leverage their existing, low-cost Hyper-V infrastructure, VMware infrastructure and/or the Unitrends Recovery-Series appliance to spin up physical systems and VMs after a failure or planned physical to virtual migration.
  • Users can also use the Bridge technology for one-click instant recovery for Hyper-V host operating systems, reducing recovery time objectives to minutes from hours. And the VMs can be recovered to a different Hyper-V host or recovered from offsite-replicated backups.
  • Hyper-V Server 2012 and higher can now run VMs from SMB 3.0 shares. The new release eliminates the need to manage agents for every VM driving down total cost of ownership. Administrators protecting Microsoft SQL Server can see an improved scalability performance up to 66% in SQL Server environments and an improvement data deduplication up to 30% better retention. SQL databases can see a replication performance increase up to 40%. And with the imporvments made to Adaptive Deduplication technology give a 40% greater retention than previous version of the software. Version 8.0 also gives complete protection for Mac 10.9 and HP-UX 11 operating systems.

The new capabilities in physical and virtual recovery for Hyper-V combined with Unitrends’ previously released Hyper-V Bare Metal Recovery and protection for Hyper-V Shared VDHX’s, give the most comprehensive and afforadable virtual, deep virtual, and physical protection in the industry.


Unitrends Release 8.0 will be available for UEB virtual appliance and Recovery-Series physical appliances on December 1, 2014.

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