by Adam Armstrong

Unitrends Cloud Backup (UCB) Announced

Today Unitrends, a Kaseya company, announced its direct to cloud backup, Unitrends Cloud Backup (UCB). UCB allows small and mid-sized companies, as well as MSPs, to directly replicate data on servers and end point devices to Unitrends Cloud. Unitrends states that this allows for data protection without the hassle of managing local physical storage devices. 

There has been a big shift to cloud and cloud-hosted applications in the last few years, something like Microsoft Office 365 being a shining example. While these applications are being leveraged more, huge amounts of business critical data is still being stored outside of the cloud. To avoid data loss due to drive crashes, lost or stolen laptops, or ransomware, Unitrends has released UCB. Once the data is safely replicated to Unitrends’ cloud it is safe from the normal suspects of viruses, hackers, corruption, user error, and accidental deletion.

One of the benefits of UCB is the removal of the need to restore data to a local physical storage device before returning it to its original location. This simplifies file-level recovery. UCB also has the ability to restore backups to the source device or other media, while still providing visibility into users’ protected assets. UCB has benefits that make it appealing to MSPs including the ability to configure and manage backups, as well as produce usage reports for each of their customers. While UCB is a stand-alone product, it can be used with Unitrends backup and disaster recovery appliances as well. 

Availability and Pricing

The UCB is available now with pricing beginning as low as $10 per month with unlimited storage and 30 days of retention. Future releases with the purpose of protecting servers will begin at $1 per GB of protected capacity with 30 days of retention.

Unitrends Cloud Backup

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