by Adam Armstrong

Unitrends Launches Boomerang Test Drive In AWS

Unitrends announced today that in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) it is launching a Test Drive for Unitrends Boomerang. The AWS Test Drive is a sandbox environment that gives IT administrators, with enough free AWS datacenter time, the ability to learn about and investigate third-party solutions.

Unitrends Boomerang is a virtual appliance that replicates VMware VMs to the AWS cloud, creating a low-cost backup and disaster recovery solution. Boomerang downloads into a VMware environment, takes snapshots of the VMs the administrator wants to replicate, admins set up protection groups and policies, and from there they have the options: backup, DRaaS, migration, or cloudbursting. Boomerang automatically remodels replicated VMs to native Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) for fast execution. Customers on four different continents are performing thousands of VM replications successfully using Boomerang.

With the new AWS Test Drive, VMware administrators will have a free opportunity to evaluate the integrated solution for VM migration, cloud-based disaster recovery and cloudbursting. This evaluation will help users that wish to rapidly deploy and evaluate enterprise solutions created by AWS Partner Network Consulting and Technology Partners. The Test Drive includes a Boomerang license pre-integrated with AWS.

Benefits include the ability to:

  • Replicate up to two VMware VMs in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) for low-cost backup and storage
  • Remodel these VMs on command as native AMIs in Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) for disaster recovery (DR, DRaaS) or VM migration to the cloud
  • Access Boomerang online resources and community forums for support, peer interactions and guidance

Availability and pricing

The Test Drive is free to use and available now

Unitrends Boomerang AWS Test Drive

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