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Unitrends Unveils New Enterprise Backup and Recovery Products and Updates

Unitrends has made several announcements today including the availability of the Recovery-944S and Recovery-946S, the company's highest capacity, most advanced physical backup and recovery appliances yet. All appliances include Release 8.2, the latest version of the data protection software that provides enhanced Adaptive Data Deduplication with dedupe acceleration. In addition, it allows the Recovery-944S and the Recovery-946S to scale past 100TB all the while still maintaining the performance needed to quickly and cost-effectively backup and recover high volumes of data. Unitrends indicates that organizations will be able to significantly reduce costs by using just one appliance to back up over 100TB of data in addition to improving efficiencies with a single point of management.

The Recovery-944S and Recovery-946S solutions provide the memory, storage and processors necessary for large-scale backup and recovery as well as the ability to back up 25 data streams. This allows the appliances to meet the demands of corporate data protection and workloads, which can comprise up to thousands of virtual machines. The Recovery-944S offers 122TB of raw storage capacity with a suggested backup capacity of 61TB, while the Recovery-946S contains 182TB of raw storage capacity and a suggested backup capacity of 91TB.

Key features of the new appliances include:

  • Enhanced Adaptive Data Deduplication – Made possible by Release 8.2, this advanced deduplication technology provides:
  • Dedupe Acceleration – In-memory hashing improves replication performance for large stored data sizes by up to 100%.
  • Inline Deduplication – Deduplication on ingest prior to writing to disk; reduces capacity requirements by as much as 95%.
  • VMware Source Side Deduplication – Deduplicates data before sending over the network to backup target.
  • In-place Synthesis - Creates synthetic backups 5-10x faster from memory, freeing up critical backup resources while ensuring consistently fast recovery, backup, replication and archive.
  • vSphere 6.0 support – Supports the newest features of this latest version of the hypervisor.
  • 480GB of Flash Memory – Improves the ability to implement policies around flash cache usage to optimize performance as data grows and prevents performance degradation.
  • Dual Intel Gen 3 E5 Xeon CPUs – Powerful processor and DDR4 memory for faster processing and improved performance.
  • Dual 12Gb/s Drive Busses – Increased bandwidth/throughput to backup drives; results in multi-stream performance benefits from higher drive bandwidth and multiple busses.

Also announced is the Beta version of Release 9.0, which Unitrends claims will provide superior user experience using simplicity and sophistication without sacrificing any of Unitrends’ data protection features and functionality. With this new update, the company will become the industry’s first to extend recovery assurance technology to physical systems.

With Release 9.0, Unitrends asserts that customers will perform a backup in 64 percent fewer clicks than their competition, including the creation of a backup job, restoring a full VM and executing instant VM and file recovery from the software’s interactive dashboard. Unitends Release uses the same the interface across all of its products, giving users a consistent experience and thus increasing efficiency. The interface of Release 9.0 Beta is also easy enough to eliminate the need for IT administrators to refer to a manual, which can improve productivity when helping IT organizations to recover data and systems as well as saving time to focus on other priorities. In addition, customers will have direct access to the Unitrends Customer Community from the software’s main dashboard. This will enable them to directly interact with their peers and Unitrends support without the need to exit the software.

Unitrends Release 9.0 Beta seamlessly integrates with ReliableDR, which enables organizations to add recovery assurance for Windows guest-level backups as well as to VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V applications. This gives organizations the ability to perform 100 percent automated testing and failover to ensure that their physical environments are fully recoverable.

Unitrends Release 9.0 Beta will be available for download August 30, 2015.

Lastly, the company has announced that Unitrends Cloud is now available to customers worldwide. Due to the ever-increasing demand for a local cloud data protection and disaster recovery service, Unitrends has announced the addition of new data centers in Australia, Canada, Germany and the United Kingdom. With this worldwide expansion of Unitrends Cloud, customers world-wide have access to all of the same features and functionality.

Unitrends Cloud is offered in three service levels:

  • Metered (for storage) – Stores selected last backups in the Unitrends Cloud and allows customers to acquire 250GB increments of protected capacity.
  • No Limits Cloud (for storage and disaster recovery) – Stores an exact image of local physical or virtual appliance contents in the Unitrends Cloud on an unmetered basis.
  • Forever Cloud (for storage, disaster recovery and long-term retention) – Stores selected daily, weekly and monthly backups in the Unitrends Cloud, along with an infinite number of annual backups, and allows customers to acquire 500GB increments of protected capacity.

Additionally, Unitrends Cloud customers can purchase Unitrends DRaaS, allowing them to spin up VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines as well as physical or virtual Windows servers in the cloud. Unitrends indicates that this will accelerate disaster recovery to approximately one hour. Customers will also have the option to select Unitrends’ ReliableDR technology as an added layer for VMware and Hyper-V recovery assurance. This will add automation disaster recovery governance and testing, which allows organizations to ensure that their data, systems and infrastructures are always protected on a continuous basis.

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Unitrends Release 9.0 Beta

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