by Adam Armstrong

U.S. Legal Support Begins Using ExaGrid-Veeam Availability Solution To Reduce Backup Times by 84%

Today U.S. Legal Support Inc., a leading provider of litigation services, announced that it switched its databases to a combination of ExaGrid disk-based backup systems and Veeam Backup and Replication to backup its VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V virtual environments. ExaGrid states that U.S. Legal Support sees 84% faster backup times and can now store its 116TB of data on 30TB of space.

Founded in 1996, U.S. Legal Support is a provider of services such as court reporting, record retrieval, litigation, eDiscovery, and trial services to major insurance companies, corporations, and law firms nationwide. U.S. Legal Support databases contain over 100TB of data, growing every day, which is crucial to the company and its customers. U.S. Legal Support was spending over $3,000 of month for 30TB of backup storage for one provider. They attempted to backup to the cloud but even at 200MB/s speeds they found it wasn’t fast enough for if there was one problem they had to start over again.

U.S. Legal Support turned to ExaGrid disk-based systems that are integrated with Veeam Backup and Replication. The company used a combination of data reduction in both ExaGrid and Veeam to push their data down to a reduction ration of 3.97:1. This gave them the ability to store 116TB of data on two physical ExaGrid Units in 30TB of space. The company found that the solution was simple to use, reduced their backup times by 84%, and freed network resources. Best of all, the ExaGrid system is scalable. ExaGrid and Veeam use a GRID-based, scalable system that allows U.S. Legal Support to easily scale-out as their data grows. They just need to add a new ExaGrid appliance and they will gain the capacity along with more memory and compute power.

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