by Adam Armstrong

VAST Data Releases Its CSI

Today VAST Data announced the general availability of its new Container Storage Interface (CSI). The company claims that the new CSI will enable users to programmatically deploy and manage storage services for a variety of container platforms that have adopted the CSI standard. VAST Data goes on to claim that the new CSI can bring affordable all-flash infrastructure to containerized applications while eliminating performance issues caused by simplicity, scale, affordability, and speed. 

As we said when the company came out of stealth in February 2019, VAST Data is headquartered in New York City and has been in in stealth, with a few teases, until today. As stated, the company claims its new system can break decades-old storage tradeoffs to bring an end to complex storage tiering and HDD usage in the enterprise. The company states it can enable customers to consolidate their applications to a single tier of storage meets capacity, performance, and costs needs regardless of the applications, a fairly bold claim. Leading investors including TPG Growth, Norwest Venture Partners, Dell Technologies Capital, 83 North and Goldman Sachs back VAST Data.

VAST Data has stated the its Universal Storage architecture is able to combine QLC flash, 3D Xpoint and NVMe over Fabrics networking with new VAST algorithms to transform the economics of flash, making flash the go to option for storage. Building off of this, the new CSI driver works with container orchestration platforms (like Kubernetes and Red Hat Open Shift) and allows programmatic provisioning of persistent storage volumes. 

Benefits include:

  • RDMA-accelerated persistent volumes: VAST’s NFSoRDMA interface can stream data into single containers at nearly 9GB/s, a level of performance which is essential for next-generation machine learning and deep learning applications and 4x the speed of legacy NAS. In recent customer testing, VAST’s CSI driver and Universal Storage delivered three times the performance of even an enterprise all-flash SAN storage system
  • Quality of service for multiple tenants: With the ability to pool VAST Servers into resource groups that can be dynamically allocated to container pods, Universal Storage can ensure that specific applications do not get overrun by other applications in an environment by hard-allocating file server HW along pool boundaries.


VAST Data’s new CSI driver is available now and can be pulled from Docker Hub.

VAST Data CSI on Docker Hub

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