by Adam Armstrong

VCE Unveils VxRack Hyper-Converged RackScale system

Today VCE unveiled the industry’s first family of hyper-converged RackScale systems, the VCE VxRack system. VxRack enable enterprises and service providers the ability to simplify deployment of next generation scale out mobile, cloud, and distributed Tier 2 applications. VCE claims that customers can start from dozens of servers and scale to thousands, with petabytes of storage capacity, while delivering the highest performance and value per IOP.

Leveraging EMC ScaleIO software-defined storage, VxRack systems are fully software-defined. The systems come with built-in networking for seamless scaling and allow decouple scaling of compute and storage removing limitations, and enabling customers to take full advantage of hyper-converged infrastructure. VCE uses pre-engineered factory built infrastructure with single call lifecycle support to improve customer experience for the VxRack system. And VxRack systems give customers a choice of software stacks, from technologies across the EMC federation, for added flexibility.

The new systems include:

  • A VxRack System offering flexible choice of hypervisor, including the industry-leading VMware vSphere, or KVM or bare metal. The system leverages EMC ScaleIO software-defined storage, Cisco top of rack Nexus switching and can optionally incorporate factory integration of the VMware vRealize management and orchestration suite.
  • A VxRack System offering tailored for VMware environments, offers a fully integrated VMware stack based on VMware’s EVO:RACK technology and VMware Virtual SAN.

The VxRack System connects with the recently announced Vscale architecture and will compliment VCE’s flagship product, Vblock and VxBlock. VxRack System will also be supported by VCE Vision software giving it a unified data center architecture spanning multiple locations and geographies. And VxRack Systems will work with EMC’s VSPEX Blue hyper-converged appliance giving one of the most comprehensive converged infrastructure portfolios that will accelerate and simplify the transition into the cloud and big data.


The VCE VxRACK systems will be available for order in July 2015 and are expected to begin shipping in the third quarter of 2015.

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