by Adam Armstrong

VCE VxRack 1000 Now Offers Turnkey Cloud-Native IaaS

Today at the second day of EMC World 2016 in Las Vegas, EMC Corporation announced that it has expanded its VCE VxRack System 1000 to provide a turnkey cloud-native IaaS experience through new ‘Neutrino’ nodes. These new nodes use built in automation to make complex deployments simple. The new VxRack system 1000 with Neutrino nodes is a foundation for multiple cloud-native services including OpenStack, VMware Photon Platform, and Apache Hadoop.

Announced last year, the VxRack system is a rack-scale system that enables enterprises, ISV’s and Service Providers to utilize different node types for different workloads. The VxRack system is also hyper-converged with integrated management, that EMC claims will deliver simplified data center operations and greatly reduced TCO compared to traditional SAN. With the new Neutrino Nodes with its built-in automation, user will be able to deploy an enterprise-grade cloud-native IaaS in just a few days as well as dynamically provision resources for the first time in less than one hour. The software automation also enables operations such as robust monitoring and reporting, single click software upgrades, and single vendor support of these open-source, cloud-native IaaS and data stacks.

The new Neutrino Nodes also serve as the underlying IaaS options for the new EMC Native Hybrid Cloud (NHC) platform announced today. The NHC helps enterprises realize the promise of cloud-native applications and DevOps with its seamless experience. The NHC also brings a rich set of services to rapidly build, deploy, scale and manage the cloud-native application life cycle while providing the needed visibility, control and financial insights to IT.

Along with the new Neutrino Nodes, the VCE VxRack system 1000 also includes two other nodes, which are:

  • VxRack with FLEX Nodes leverages EMC ScaleIO software-defined storage to create a flexible, open and heterogeneous foundation for delivering IaaS at scale. It is optimized for enterprises data centers and Service Providers that want an easy deploy software-defined architecture optimized for a wide range of traditional enterprise workloads across a heterogeneous set of abstraction models. As more nodes are added, throughput and IOPS increase. Performance scales linearly and while avoiding bottlenecks. This system can start as small as a single Node and can scale to many thousands of Nodes – delivering thousands of CPU cores, more than a petabyte of RAM, many tens of petabytes of storage capacity, and tens of millions of IOPS while delivering the high performance and value along each metric according to an ESG Lab Validation.
  • VxRack with VMware SDDC Nodes is purpose-built for IT organizations that have standardized on VMware software defined datacenter cloud technologies and want the best foundation for a wide variety of enterprise workloads. These VMware centric enterprises data centers and Service Providers want an easy-to-deploy software-defined architecture optimized for a wide range of traditional enterprise workloads. The SDDC Nodes comprise of hardware and software components including VMware vSphere Enterprise, VMware Virtual SAN, VMware NSX, vCenter Server, and key components of VMware vRealize Suite. The VMware technologies are used in data centers at hundreds of thousands of mid- to the largest- scale organizations. Customers gain single pane of glass visibility and control for both physical and virtual resources. 

Benefits of VxRack System include:

  • Ability to start small (1/3 rack) and scale big (many racks, hundreds or thousands of nodes) by quickly adding nodes in cost effective increments to meet evolving demands.
  • A fully integrated Cisco rack-scale spine-and-leaf network fabric with pre-integrated physical networking that is architected for extreme scalability, a distinct advantage at scale versus hyper-converged appliances that leave the networking domain outside the system and support boundary. Each Node type also brings software-defined networking capabilities in addition to the powerful physical network layer.
  • A simple user interface to efficiently deploy, monitor, and support system resources.
  • Complete lifecycle management through pre-tested software and hardware releases and upgrades.
  • Software-defined storage, compute and networking for the deployment of next generation mobile, cloud and mixed workloads including traditional and cloud focused applications.
  • More than 30% improved TCO compared to a traditional 30% through reduced resources for administration, elastic expansion and non-disruptive software and hardware upgrades – in addition to lower power, cooling, and floor space compared to traditional infrastructure


VxRack System with Neutrino Nodes support for OpenStack can be ordered today and is expected to be available in the third quarter of 2016. VxRack System with Neutrino Nodes support for Photon Platform and Hadoop Apache is expected to be available in 2017.


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