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Veeam Announces GA Of Its Agent For Linux

Departing from its long tradition of making agentless backup products, Veeam has announced that it is now making an agented backup for Linux. While this may seem like a bit of an odd move for the company, they do point out that not all workloads can be virtualized because of hardware dependencies amongst other reasons. Now with this and the upcoming Agent for Microsoft Windows, Veeam will be able to backup more of enterprise environments.

Linux-based workloads are becoming more common in public clouds. As more and more companies use Linux-based workloads they need to ensure that they too, are backed up. The new Veeam Agent for Linux enables users to use either a GUI or CLI to make backups of physical Linux machines (such as workstations or servers) and store the backup in the public cloud. The backups are image-based and stored in VBK format. The new Linux Agent for Linux also has its own snapshot and change block tracking (CBT) driver that allows for creating incremental backups without rescanning.

Features include:

  • Backup
    • Entire computer, volume-level and file-level backup: Image-based backup for specific volumes and files or the entire system
    • Support for multiple jobs: Users can schedule multiple Linux backup jobs for more specific RPO and different backup configurations
    • Pre-freeze/post-thaw snapshot scripts: Specify scripts for application-aware processing to create transactionally consistent backups
    • Built-in snapshot and changed block tracking (CBT) drivers: True incremental backups enabled by Veeam’s kernel module with built-in volume snapshot and CBT capabilities
    • Console UI or command line: Utilize the UI or a command line interface (via veeamconfig command)
    • Integration with Veeam Backup & Replication: Leverage Veeam backup repositories as target locations, unlocking existing capabilities for file-level recovery and helping to get your on-premises backups offsite.
  • Recovery
    • Bare-metal restore: The entire system can be restored to the same or different hardware
    • Volume-level restore: An entire volume from a user’s Linux cloud instance or on-premises backup can be restored
    • File-level restore: Browse for and restore individual files

Availability and pricing

Veeam’s Agent for Linux is available now. It comes in three versions a free version, a workstation version, and a server version. The workstation version is $45 for one year and $108 for three years. The server version is $150 for one year and $360 for three years.

Veeam Agent for Linux

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