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Veeam Announces NetApp Integrations

Veeam announced that it will be partnering with NetApp on new integrations for its Veeam Availability Orchestrator (VAO). These integrations will be part of the upcoming release of VAO version 3. The two companies state that with VAO v3, users will have full recovery orchestration for NetApp ONTAP Snapshots including automated testing and reports.

Initially announced in 2016, Veeam Availability Orchestrator was said to provide businesses and enterprises of all sizes with the capabilities to ensure Availability for virtual, physical, and cloud-based workloads in the Hybrid Cloud. Veeam plans on doing this through three capabilities: Enterprise Continuity using recovery SLOs of less than 15 minutes for all applications and data and DR orchestration. Providing availability for workloads across any cloud or location, to maximize IT investments and increase flexibility. And proactive monitoring, reporting, testing and documentation to ensure business and regulatory requirements are met. Earlier this year, the company updated VAO to automatically test, document and reliably recover entire sites and individual workloads from backups in a completely orchestrated way.

With Version 3 of VAO users can expect:

  • Orchestrated storage and VM failover: VAO already supports VM failover (as well as applications or entire datacenters), however, the latest version gives users the option to orchestrate plans for storage failover that connects to NetApp ONTAP infrastructure, clusters and SVMs. Users can leverage SnapMirror's fast, efficient, array-based replication and failover to any secondary volume from any point-in-time snapshot. 
  • Fully automated Veeam DataLab testing: In order to make sure the DR users have setup it must be tested and changed with the changing needs. This takes a lot of time and resources. With VOA v3 users can chedule fully automated, risk-free DR testing on a recurring basis that leverages their recovery environment. NetApp users will be able to leverage this very same technology for more frequent, thorough DR testing.
  • Actionable documentation and reporting: As the name implies, reports that are generated will also be available for storage failover plans. This includes the plan definition report and it's change logs, the readiness check report for comparing the plan's configuration with the environment’s status, and execution reports after both test and real-world failovers for granular details on the reliability of the users’ plan.

Veeam Availability Orchestrator

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