by Adam Armstrong

Veeam Appoints New President And CEO

Today Veeam Software announced Peter C. McKay as its new COO and President. Peter C. McKay was most recently Senior Vice President and General Manager, Americas with VMware. The company is also promoting their current Executive Vice President, William H. Largent, to its new CEO. Ratmir Timashev and Andrei Baronov, Veeam’s co-founders and directors, will remain active in the company with a shift toward market strategy and new product development. Veeam states that these new appointments will add further depth to an already accomplished executive lineup.

New CEO, William H. Largent

Mr. McKay has had a long history of success in an executive capacity. First at Insight Venture Partners, McKay served as “Executive-in-Residence” until 1998. From there McKay served as president and CEO of eCredit until 2001, and then Watchfire until 2008. From 2010 until 2013 he served as president and CEO of Desktone that was acquired by VMware. Through this acquisition McKay joined VMware as Vice President Sales, End User Computing, Americas, and from this position, he was promoted to Chief Operating Officer for the Americas, responsible for optimizing the alignment and integration of all go-to-market functions, then to Senior Vice President, Americas Enterprise, and then ultimately to Senior Vice President and General Manager, Americas. As president and COO of Veeam, Mr. McKay will report directly to Mr. Largent and will be responsible for sales, sales operations, marketing, finance and human resources. 

Mr. Largent has over 30 years experience in growth companies and has worked closely with Veeam since its inception in 2006. Mr. Largent too has had a successful run as an executive including CFO of Plug Power, CFOO of Aelita Software, and CEO of Applied Innovation, Inc. In his role as CEO at Veeam, Mr. Largent will report directly to the Board of Directors and will oversee Veeam’s strategic and financial direction. Mr. Largent is currently in the process of relocating to Switzerland where Veeam is globally headquartered. 

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