by Lyle Smith

Veritas Announces New 360 Data Management Capabilities

At Veritas Vision 2017, Veritas Technologies has announced several new 360 data management capabilities for Veritas and Microsoft Azure customers.  Designed to help customers capitalize on the flexibility and agility offered by Azure, Veritas claims that these new innovations will benefit from the company’s data management capabilities, reducing costs and ensuring compliance while increasing visibility and simplifying workload migration.

These newly announced innovations include technology integrations that improve joint customers’ business continuity and disaster-recovery readiness, and hybrid cloud scale-out storage optimization, and provide a significant increase in customers’ ability to visualize data across disparate sources. Veritas Resiliency Platform (VRP) allows customers to monitor and easily failover/failback multi-tiered applications to and from Azure with a single click. It also features:

  • Automation: Full automation and dependency orchestration for resiliency and migration operations
  • Predictability: Real visibility and tracking of Recovery Time Objectives (RTOs) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPOs) via a single web-based dashboard
  • Compliance: Audit reporting along with non-disruptive testing helps prove compliance to business continuity regulations
  • Mobility: Move workloads between on-premises and cloud or even between clouds with single-click operations
  • Flexibility: No rip or replace – easy integration into current on-premises environments and future cloud technologies

Veritas Access allows customers to automatically migrate old data to the cloud for cost-effective long-term storage, or easily mix on-premises and Azure cloud storage to create a single scale-out file system for efficient storage management with no disruption.

Veritas Information Map connector for Azure gives customers a real-time picture of their unstructured data stored on Microsoft Azure Blob Storage and Microsoft Azure File Storage. It allows users to:

  • Aggregate a comprehensive view of their global information environment
  • Identify areas of value, areas of risk, and areas of waste
  • Reduce the unnecessary cost of useless data storage
  • Prioritize targets for regulatory compliance and security investigations


Veritas Resiliency Platform and Veritas Access are available now while the Veritas Information Map is slated for a release in the coming quarters.

Veritas Resiliency Platform 

Veritas Access

Veritas Information Map

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