by Michael Rink

Veritas Announces New Services Platform

Today is the summer solstice. It was also when Veritas announced their Enterprise Data Services Platform.Veritas's Enterprise Data Services Platform is designed to provide applications with protected and recoverable data, as well as metrics that can drive operational efficiency and assist with regulatory compliance.

Enterprise Data Services Platform uses Veritas's long-established NetBackup, currently on version 8.2. Version 8.2 added additional support for virtual infrastructure in the form of fully agentless architecture for VMware as well as support for RedHat KVM and OpenStack. NetBackup is also Docker certified for backup and recovery of containers. Impressively, Veritas is claiming 8.2 can backup to the cloud twice as fast as the previous version as well as automating disaster recovery. NetBackup 8.2 also adds support for third-party services like AWS Glacier, AWS Deep Archive, and Wmware vRealize plugins.

Veritas is also introducing a new unified information intelligence tool, Veritas Information Studio. Information studio will provide Connectors to 20+ cloud and on-premises data repositories, including NetBackup. The new tool will help classify and identify personally identifiable information to assist with regulatory compliance as well as visually rendering metadata to help determine what exists, where it exists, and who has access.

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