by Alex Schuchter

Veritas & Pure Storage Collaboration Expansion

Today Veritas Technologies announced at Pure//Accelerate, which is happening right now in Austin, Texas, the expansion of its collaboration with Pure Storage. The collaborative solutions from their partnership include application resiliency, data analytics, and long-term retention to provide customers with business continuity for mission critical applications, and storage optimization. Veritas and Pure Storage announced their collaboration in October 2018 and have worked together with the goal of combating the IT issues of ransomware, data loss, rapid restore and in-depth analytics. 

Together the companies in their joint effort provide cost-effective backup and recovery for both on-premises and cloud environments. Veritas NetBackup provides snapshot-based data protection. Integrating NetBackup into Pure Storage’s FlashArray has helped customers guard against ransomware and data loss. Pure Storage integration of FlashBlade into Veritas enables data protection and rapid restore for critical workloads. Additionally, customers can leverage FlashBlade as a Data Hub for streaming analytics and AI cluster projects with Veritas NetBackup providing data protection.

Three new solutions announced today will be integrated into the Veritas Enterprise Data Services platform. These solutions are aimed at further improving business continuity for mission critical apps and insights into data and infrastructure for Veritas and Pure Storage customers.  

  • The Pure Storage FlashArray now integrates with Veritas InfoScale to deliver mission-critical levels of performance and round-the-clock availability for the most demanding applications.
  • Pure Storage products now tightly integrate with Veritas APTARE IT Analytics, providing customers with data insights to optimize capacity, utilization and performance and streamline compliance with an increasing number of data regulations.
  • The Veritas Access Appliance provides a resilient and cost-effective solution for the preservation of FlashArray data snapshots for long-term retention.

The partnership between Veritas and Pure Storage has lead to simplified data protection and fast restore performance giving customers high availability. As a result of the partnership, customers have seen optimized RPO and RTO for critical and highly transactional applications, reliable data recovery with point-in-time copies, and faster backups at peak performance without lengthy snapshot windows and application time-outs. The new solutions announced today should continue to benefit customers and aid in their ability to analyze and protect critical data. 

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