by Adam Armstrong

Veritas Releases NetBackup 8.0

Today Veritas Technologies announced the latest release of its backup and recovery suite, NetBackup 8.0. On top of that, Veritas is also releasing an integrated Enterprise Data Management solution geared to help companies as try to both manage data in the cloud and gain insight from the data they have. NetBackup 8.0 comes with several enhancements. The new Enterprise Data Management solution builds off of NetBackup to integrate data visibility, application resiliency and copy data management.

Data is becoming paramount in most modern businesses. When data can make or break your business, backup and recovery become even more important. Veritas’s announcements shows that they are serious about executing the strategy announced at their Vision event earlier this year. The strategy was to release a 360 data management solution that helps reduce risks, ensures application service levels, assists in meeting regulatory compliance demands and offers rapid access to data.

The cornerstone of the 360 data management solution is NetBackup 8.0. According to Veritas, the latest version of NetBackup provides unified protection for data in the cloud, as well as virtual and physical environments with enterprise-class scale, performance and extensive workload integration. Major enhancements with the latest version include Veritas’s continued demonstration of execution, NetBackup appliance 3.0, comprehensive support for cloud data protection, and protection for ROBO.

NetBackup 8.0 also features the following software features:

  • Global Data Visibility  – With direct integration between NetBackup 8.0 and Veritas Information Map customers have graphical view of backups to transform existing backup data into actionable intelligence that can provide visibility into the data environment from the NetBackup catalogue, all in a one-day timeframe, and also reclaim primary storage while managing risk and compliance
  • Predictable Resiliency  – In the new release, anticipated to be available for purchase in the coming quarters, Veritas Resiliency Platform integrates with NetBackup 8.0 to provide critical assistance in maintaining application availability across complex, multi-platform and multi-vendor private, public and hybrid cloud environments. This will be achieved by delivering predictability for all resiliency operations, including workload migration, failover, failback, data protection and non-disruptive recovery testing.
  • Integrated Copy Data Management – In the new release, anticipated to be available for purchase in the coming quarters, Veritas Velocity integrates with NetBackup 8.0, Veritas Velocity will provide rapid, on-demand self-service access to data without the burden of creating, storing and maintaining physical copies or resource dependences. By virtualizing a single copy of production data, Velocity will instantly provision virtual copies, eliminating the need for physical copies that can increase storage costs and business risk.


NetBackup 8.0 is expected to be generally available December 5, 2016.

Veritas NetBackup

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