by Adam Armstrong

Veritas Releases NetBackup Copilot For Oracle

Today at Oracle OpenWorld in San Fransico, Veritas announced its new NetBackup Copilot for Oracle allowing a revolutionary new way to protect Oracle databases. Copilot extends Veritas’ enterprise-class product portfolio and gives users visibility into backup and recovery processes. NetBackup Copilot will be available as part of the new release of NetBackup Appliance 2.7.1.

Veritas states that it can significantly improve the backup and recovery of Oracle databases with NetBackup Copilot. Now Oracle database administrators (DBAs) can us native Oracle tools to control primary backup and recovery operation while NetBackup administrators manage secondary operations and policies. In other words, Oracle DBAs manage backup and recovery while NetBackup administrators manage deduplication, replication, and cataloging. The Copilot gives visibility into the other administrator’s activities. Copilot also reduces backup times and increases database backup performance.

The new release of NetBackup Appliance 2.7.1 not only adds the NetBackup Copilot and all the above features, it will also double the storage capacity of the NetBackup 5330 Appliance series. The usable capacity and the deduplication pool size can be expanded to 458TB allowing customers to reduce OpEx and CapEx.


NetBackup Appliance 2.7.1 is expected to be generally available for customers in December 2015.

Veritas NetBackup

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