by Adam Armstrong

Veritas Rolls Out NetBackup 8.1.2

Today Veritas Technologies announced the latest version of its Veritas NetBackup, version 8.1.2. The company has made some major improvement it the UI to both simplify it and how customers can protect their data. Version 8.1.2 also comes with new functionality for backup up VMware as well as other virtualized workloads. 

NetBackup is Veritas’ flagship data protection product. The new version updates the intuitive UI that allows users to easily monitor their data and workloads whether they are on-prem or in a multi-cloud environment. The new UI works over mobile devices, allowing for fast and easy access to all authorized users. Verion 8.1.2 leverages Veritas Smart Meter to help users identify issues as well as see capacity reports that help keep everything running smoothly.

For virtualized workloads such as VMware, the new version of NetBackup has increased functionality and enterprise-scale backup. The company states that it can do this through instant access to their systems with the new interface and the ability to restore a single file without an agent. 8.1.2 now offers support for Hadoop, Nutanix, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, SQLite, HBase and MongoDB.

Veritas has added new automation options and integration to NetBackup through the snapshot-based data protection of CloudPoint 2.1. This should allow organizations to quickly and easily manage even large and complex data protection environments even if they span across multiple cloud and on-prem arrays. 


NetBackup 8.1.2 is expected to be available this month and will be demoed at VMworld at the Veritas Booth #1242.

Veritas NetBackup

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