by Adam Armstrong

Veritas Unveils Two New Appliances For Healthcare

Today Veritas Technologies unveiled two new appliances that are specifically aimed at protecting healthcare data. The company states that this new technology enables software-defined storage approach to data management from on-premises to the multi-cloud for the backup and recovery of healthcare data. These new turnkey appliances include the Veritas Flex Appliance and Veritas Access Appliance.

Healthcare data is getting digitized and growing at a rapid rate. IDC is states that by 2020, medical data will be doubling every 73 days. This data not only has to remain secure, it has to be accessed quickly as it can come down to a life or death in certain situations. Healthcare providers need to be able to meet all HIPAA requirements while still backing up patient data and having quick access to it.

Veritas is addressing the above issues with two new appliances that allow “information-defined” data management. Leveraging information-defined data management allows end-to-end data management capabilities that enables companies to address data protection, long-term retention and archiving that extends from the data center to the cloud. Veritas goes on to state the its new appliances use a software-defined approach that leads to more flexibility for its customers. Customers can use the software on Veritas’ appliances or their existing infrastructure.

The Veritas Flex Appliance is designed around data protection. Flex leverages containers allowing it to consolidate multiple data management deployments on a single, resilient, scalable, and integrated appliance. Not only does this mark the first information-defined appliance providing micro-services, it also provides an interesting approach to application development giving companies more agility in a rapidly changing world.

Benefits include:

  • Easily add or reconfigure data protection applications as business challenges change and run multiple deployments of those applications with a container-approach, to help reduce infrastructure complexity.
  • Reduce deployment from days to minutes with on-demand data protection services to response to the rapidly changing requirements of IT in healthcare and other industries, such as telecommunications, retail, manufacturing or banking.
  • Simplify tiering to on-premises, public, hybrid or multi-clouds to increase data protection and reduce costs.

The Veritas Access Appliance centers around long-term retention. While this appliance also leverages software-defined storage, it focuses more on cost and capacity leveraging tried and true technology such as tape. Since both GDPR and HIPAA require long-term data retention, Access is a particularly attractive option for healthcare suppliers struggling with these requirements.

Benefits include:

  • Faster deployment for Veritas Access scale-out network attached storage and the ability to easily enable managed Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS).
  • A cost-optimized solution for high-capacity workloads, providing long-term retention, tape replacement and backup archiving.
  • Improved policy-based tiering of information to the cloud to increase protection and reduce costs.


Both the Veritas Flex Appliance and Access Appliance are available now. 


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