by Adam Armstrong

Vexata Comes Out Of Stealth & Launches Its Active Data Fabric

Today Vexata came out of stealth (or four years of semi-stealth in their words) and unveiled its Active Data Fabric. The company is calling its product a revolutionary software-defined all-solid-state data storage infrastructure enabling transformative performance at scale for Tier 1 applications in enterprise or cloud datacenters. Vexata is backed by $54 million in funding from VCs such as Mayfield, Intel Capital, Lightspeed Ventures, and Redline Capital.

Vexata is all about eliminating I/O bottlenecks and letting business applications realize high performance and scale by leveraging the latest flash technology such as NVMe Flash and now 3D XPoint SSDs. This is achieved through the company’s patent pending operating system, VX-OS. This performance would be especially beneficial to database and analytics platforms such as Oracle, SAS, SQL Server and emerging NoSQL and cognitive computing platforms. Vexata states that optimal performance can be hit across large active data sets, without application re-writes or infrastructure re-architecture.

Vexata Active Data Fabric is built around VX-OS and can be consumed in 3 approaches:

  1. Vexata VX-100 Scalable Systems: Dense, power-efficient, modular and turnkey storage system utilizing the latest Flash SSDs and the new Intel Optane SSDs based on 3D XPoint storage-class memories.
  2. Vexata VX-Stack Appliances: Pre-configured, application-centric appliances for Oracle, SQL Server, SAS and File solutions with key partners including Lenovo, IBM Spectrum Scale, and SuperMicro.
  3. Announcing the Vexata VX-Cloud: A 100% software-defined approach to Active Data Fabric, where the VX-OS software can be run on off-the-shelf servers from a variety of vendors to build a fully scalable Tier 1 Cloud Infrastructure designed to meet the demands of data-intensive, business critical applications running in public and private cloud datacenters.

Vexata will be demonstrating its technology at Oracle OpenWorld (Booth #2101) at Moscone Center in San Francisco from October 1-4.


Vexata VX-100 and VX-Stack Appliances are shipping now.


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