by Adam Armstrong

Violin Adds Two New All-Flash Arrays

Violin Memory Inc. has announced that is adding two new arrays to its Flash Storage Platform (FSP) 7000 series, the FSP 7600 and the FSP 7250. Different workloads demand a vast range of performance and capacity demands. Up until now Violin only offered a few configurations in its FSP 7000 series. Now they offer another high performance, high capacity model with the FSP 7600 and a data reduction optimize entry-level option, the FSP 7250.

Pictured: WFA-64 Windows Flash Array

Fitting under the much larger FSP 7700, the FSP 7600 comes with 35TB-140TB raw capacity in a 3U form factor and performance claims of 1.1 million IOPS and under 500-microsecond latency. Violin states that this is half the latency of other AFA on the market. The FSP 7600 will allow customers to consolidate mixed and multiple workloads in the lowest footprint possible. The FSP 7250 starts with a raw capacity as low as 8TB and makes it easier for customers wanting to transition to all-flash, with a starting price under $100,000.

The new FSP arrays come with industry-leading enterprise services such as asynchronous replication, synchronous mirroring, stretch clustering with zero RPO and zero RTO, snapshots, clones, and other services. Customers can also take advantage of Violin’s "Pay As You Grow" capacity-based pricing model. This means customers can invest in capacity as it is consumed without future commitments. Customers can also upgrade at any time non-disruptively.


Both new FSP arrays are expected to be generally available later this month.

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